Our Red House Farm Sussex cattle herd are born and bred on the farm. These beautiful cows are a lovely liquid chocolate colour and have a very calm and placid temperament. The founder of Red House Farm small holding Fred Sterling and his wife Sally always dreamt of having a pedigree cattle herd. Sadly Fred is no longer with us but we continue to keep his dream alive and we now have 30 in our herd. We hope this herd continues rate.  We sell all the regular cuts of beef from fillet, rib, sirloin and rump steaks, braising, ribeye, top and silverside joints, mince and burgers. We can also do special and tailor made cuts to order. We are also members of the Sussex Cattle Society so keep up to date with all things new in the Sussex cattle world.



We have a flock of pedigree Lleyns, North Country Mules and Suffork ewes. Our flock of Lleyns are known for being excellent mothers and they have a large proportion of twins. During the lambing months all our ewes are checked on regularly to make sure every lamb is delivered safely and stress free. We have very successful lambing rates with very few if not none bottle fed lambs. We have been known to buy in bottle fed lambs just to get the children involved and enjoying the lambing experience. All our ewes and lambs are fed on quality grass in our surrounding fields and hay throughout their lives.  The meat is well hung to ensure maximum flavour. We sell whole or half lamb boxes of meat and the regular cuts from racks of lamb, lamb chops, legs, shoulders, fillets, mince and even lamb minted burgers. Our lamb meat is growing to be ever so popular and we are getting so much great feedback with lots of new customers being recommended to come in for our lamb.



We currently have two large cross bred sows that live in ample sized pens near the farm shop throughout the winer and have an outside space for them throughout the summer months where they enjoy sun bathing and making large mud baths.  We also have a variety of free range sows and piglets kept at Sterling Farm woods who enjoy foraging for nuts, acorns and anything else they can find. We breed our sows regularly and always enjoy the arrivals of new baby piglets. Usually the sows will have approximately 10-14 piglets at a time...once we had a litter of 19! Our pork comes in all the regular cuts or cuts to order and we home cure all our streaky and back bacon. Our sausages and chipolatas are always a hit as well as our delicious gammon, loin chops and joints.



We have a large flock of different breeds of chickens that provide the eggs for the shop and are also used for the cakes and pastry that Sally uses to make her delicious cakes, pies and other food goodies.  All of our birds have total freedom to roam in the fresh air around the yard and surrounding fields. Some of the chickens are often seen enjoying dust baths in the summer months outside outside our farm shop. We regularly incubate ours eggs to ensure our breeds continue to grow and produce excellent tasting eggs. We have had prize winning eggs at local fairs and they are available in the farm shop. We also do turkeys at Christmas and get our turkey chicks in June time and rear them up as free range bronze turkeys ready for Christmas. We now have our own and growing flock of ducks and still hope to get geese in the future to provide a wider variety of eggs and poultry meat for our shop. We also rear our own chickens for meat. We do this a few times a year but we hope to grow our poultry side to offer it more in our shop.



We make delicious homemade pies which are made from Sally’s secret pastry recipe and our delicious home reared meat fillings. We also make homemade quiches, sausage rolls, curries, cakes, farmhouse takeaway meals and much more. Other locally sourced produce are also for sale such as seasonal vegetables, jams and chutneys, honey, organic yogurts, cheeses, bread and lots more. We also do barbecues, hogs roast and catering for small events. 

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About Us

We are a small family run Farm in the East Sussex countryside. We pride ourselves on our pedigree Sussex cattle herd, our North Country Mules, Llyens and Suffork ewes and our cross bred Large White sows. We have a large variety of chicken breeds that wonder around the farms freely. We also have two pet donkeys called Dougy and Duncan who you can meet when you visit our farm shop.

We have a family run farm shop where we sell all our great tasting quality meat and eggs. 

We make delicious homemade pies which are made from Sally’s secret pastry recipe and our delicious home reared meat fillings. We also make homemade sausage rolls, curries, cakes and much more. We believe we are unique because we only sell our home reared meat and eggs in our farm shop. We love making sure all our animals live a great, healthy and happy life. All our animals are fed on chemical and GM free diets and in stress free environments. These healthy content animals provide quality meat and eggs that speaks for itself. Why not come visit us and try some?  


Also you might have the unique opportunity seeing some of our animals. In the winters months you can see all the animal’s that are kept in the barns next to our farm shop or venture up to Sterling farm less than two miles from the shop and see our free range chickens, pigs in the woods and Sussex cattle. Between March and May see us in full swing at lambing time and through the summer months possibly see some of our animals grazing and enjoying the great outdoors in our surrounding fields.


This website will keep you informed of our products and contact details. It will keep you up to date with all the latest news from the farm, the availability of produce, and share with you some of our plans for the future.

Our Produce

How to Order

There are a few ways you can order. Either by telephone, email or in person in the farm shop. Please bear in mind that not all calls can be taken straight away due to the farm and young family commitments. Please leave a clear message and we will return your calls as soon as possible.

All orders for cooked food ie pies, cakes, curries and sausage rolls will need to be placed on the Wednesday before the Saturday. This enables us to allow time to prepare and get in produce ready for your freshly cooked food to be picked up on Saturday. Apologies but any orders not collected will incur a half a payment.


Contact Us

Follow our Instagram account and Facebook to keep up to date with special offers, whats in stock and all things farmlife. Also sign up to our mailing list to receive monthly newsletters. We also would love to hear your ideas, wants and feedback so drop us an email or write a comment for our feedback box in the shop. We will be putting on pop up events throughout the year from family farm days, taster evenings and markets. For more information on these please enquire in our shop or contact us directly.

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